Sky Sports Extra New Biss Key 2021 New Frequency

Biss Key Sky Sports Extra New Frequency 2021

Sky Sports Extra Football Schedule

Sky Sports TV Frequency on Koreasat 6
Channel NameFrequency PolaritySystem Encryption
Sky Sports11938 LMPEG-4/HD

About Sky Sports Extra

Sky Sports is a group of sports channels owned by the satellite pay-tv company Sky. Sky Sports is frequently referred to as the dominant sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, mainly because it has played a major role in commercializing British sport since 1991. One of the most notable examples is their influence to create the Premier League in 1992. The first Sky Sports channel was launched on April 20, 1991.

Sky Sports Extra is a complementary channel to Sky Sports Main Event, is used to aid in coverage when one or more live games are taking place. 

In the past, Sky Sports Extra has been used to cover overflow Premier League games, mainly when there is one game being aired on Sky Sports Main Event. 

Sky Sports Extra is only available on BT TV, as part of the deal signed by BT and Sky in 2013.

Sky Sports Extra Broadcast Rights

League Cup
England - League Cup (2017-2024)
England - Championship (2017-2024)
EFL Trophy
England - EFL Trophy (2017-2024)
League One
England - League One (2017-2024)
League Two
England - League Two (2017-2024)

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