ON Time Sport HD New Frequency on Nile sat 7W

ON Time Sport HD Biss Key on Nile sat 7W New Frequency

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live on Nile sat 7W
ON Time Sport,
ON Time Sport HD
Freq.10853H27500 FTA

2021 On Time sport HD, the frequency of the 2021 Time Sport channel aNew on Nilesat Time Sport is an Egyptian sports channel that came as a result of cooperation between the National Media Authority and the Egyptian Media Group to provide better quality content on the terrestrial TV screen. Time Sport is on the terrestrial version through a terrestrial frequency in addition to another version through the Time Sport channel frequency On the satellite Nilesat, it will be explained how to set the pace of the Time Sport terrestrial channel, and the channel will be a great advance in the world of sports channels in terms of content and channel format, as it in high-quality technology, in addition to that because it includes a constellation of stars and sports media.

About Time Sport

It is an Egyptian satellite and a new earth channel that emerged from the fruit of cooperation between the National Authority for Industrialization and the Egyptian Media Group to provide better content. The Chairman of the Egyptian Media Group, Tamer Morsi, stated that Time Sport Channel will be a strong addition in terms of form and sports content through a team that includes the largest cadres and stars of sports media. Time Sport was launched to present the African Nations Championship to be hosted by Egypt. The channel is via a satellite channel on the Nilesat satellite, in addition to the terrestrial version that is broadcast over a terrestrial frequency.

Time Sport 2021 frequency

the moonFrequencyFEC / SRthe quality
Nile Sat11449 (H)27500 – 5/6SD

ON Sport 2 We follow with you the latest frequency of the ON Sport 2020 channel, through which we watch the Egyptian League matches of the year 2020/2019, as the frequency of the On Sport 2 channel is characterized by the best analytical studios accompanying the Egyptian League matches, and through this the report will search for a brief summary of the channel and its frequency, which is Searching for him increasingly with the important league matches in recent weeks.

On Sport 2 sports channel frequency

We will also show you the latest frequency of the ON SPORT channel on the Egyptian satellite Nilesat, and it is worth noting that the channel all the matches of the round witch from the General League and the Egypt Cup, and thus the channel was able during the past period to be the first sports channel in Egypt.

It is also worth noting that the frequency of On Sport 2 is the previous frequency of the news channel ON LIVE, which closed its broadcasts for several months. HD is high quality, as the content is also in regular SD technology, so the channel is available to everyone without any financial burden. The channel is broadcast for free and is open on the Egyptian satellite NileSa with high definition broadcast quality and is only received via the receivers that support it.

Channel 2 On Sport frequency on Nilesat

the moonFrequencyFEC / SRthe quality
Nile Sat10853 (H)27500 – 5/6SD
The name of the channel on the channel list ”ON Sport 2
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