Hum News HD Biss Key PakSat 1R - 38.0°E New Frequency 2021

Biss Key Hum News HD New Frequency PakSat 1R - 38.0°E 2021

PakSat 1R - 38.0°E
Hum News HD
FREQ : 3793 V 4444
4Feet Dish Fine Working

HUM News – HD left Paksat 1R. HUM News – HD was removed from the frequency 3795 V 4444. HUM News – HD was coming on Paksat 1R at 38 degrees East.

Here are the HUM News – HD channel details on Paksat 1R before it was removed:

Channel name:HUM News – HD
Symbol Rate:4444
Audio PID:Default MPEG PID 34 eng
Video PID:33
Service ID: 1

Hum News is a 24-hour Urdu language news channel of Pakistan. Their headquarters are currently in Islamabad. Hum News was founded and is owned by Momina Duraid. It has an online stream on its website for foreign viewing. Senior journalist Muhammad Malick has joined Hum News and he is now the Head Of Hum News. On 1 March 2021 Hum News closed permanently on Sky.

It is pro-nationalist but left of centre channel and currently supports PM Khan government on most of the issues.
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