ARY Sports Biss Key On AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East Latest New Frequency 2021

Biss Key of ARY SPORTS on AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East 2021

New Pakistan Sports Channel
Satellite : AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East FTA
Frequency : 4060 H 26666
PSL 2020 LIVE Telecast on HERE

ARY Sports Latest Working Biss Key On AsiaSat 7 at 105.5°East 2021

To quench your insatiable thirst for sporting news, events, analysis and details, ARY Sports app/web has been launched to keep our viewers updated with sporting news and events around the world. Visit our website and view vibrant photos and stimulating videos concerning sports. Our video portals make it possible for you to view sporting action as it happened. Stay informed and intact with the views offered by famous sportsmen and leading sports opinion makers with ARY Sports. We aim to become the premium sports website of Pakistan by providing adequate and informative sporting knowledge to our viewers.

Salman Iqbal, who is the CEO of ARY, has been the binding force behind the success of the leading television channel of Pakistan. He has worked day and night to take the channel and the organization in general to new heights.

While talking to Brands Magazine Salman Iqbal has indicated that the ARY group is planning on launching a channel for sports fanatics soon. Loyal followers of ARY and people from all over Pakistan are eagerly waiting for a sports channel and this news is bound to excite them.

Regarding Pakistan Super League Salman Iqbal said that this is a wonderful opportunity for the youngsters of Pakistan to showcase their talent as they have a lot of potential. He added that it would have been unfortunate for us if the league was abandoned because it is vital for Pakistan cricket. He was confident that PSL will lead to the revival of cricket in Pakistan.

When asked about the reason behind the buying of Karachi Kings side in PSL, Salman Iqbal said that the cosmopolitan nature of the city makes it a mini Pakistan which is precisely the reason why he opted to acquire this team.

ARY’s ownership of the Karachi Kings franchise in Pakistan Super League is such a pleasant sight for people of Karachi and if you combine that with the upcoming sports channel then you can be rest assured that it will form a formidable combination and enhance the already growing reputation of the network.

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