ERT Sports HD Hellas Sat 39°E New Biss Key 2021

Biss Key ERT Sports HD New Frequency 2021

ERT Sports HD (Greek: ΕΡΤ Sports HD) is a Greek free-to-air television channel, owned by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, the state broadcaster of Greece. It is the first high-definition television channel in the country and started broadcasting on 27 April 2011 in several large cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli.

ERT HD broadcast such important international events as the Olympic Games, Football,Boxing,Wresting and the Eurovision Song Contest. It broadcasts at 1920x1080i50 lines, encoded at Advanced Video Coding on the DVB-T standard

The private Greek television channel Skai filed a lawsuit against ERT in 2011 for what it claimed was an illegal monopoly on high-definition programming by the public broadcaster. In its lawsuit, Skai claimed that ERT was in violation of European Union regulations regarding competition.

ERT Sports HD New Biss Key
Channel NameERT Sports HD
SatelliteHellas Sat 39°E
Frequency12224 H 13381
Biss Key A1 B2 C3 16 D4 E5 F8 B1
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