TV ONE On Telkom-4 @108.0E New Biss Key 2020

TV ONE Biss Key On Telkom-4 @108.0E New Frequency 2020

Telkom-4 @108.0E
FREQ: 4175 H 6000
SID: 0001
1234 569C 6543 21C9

Do you know about TV One and ANTV? TV ONE and ANTV are channels that come from countries Indonesia, which is located in one company.
Channel TV ONE are in the transponder of the satellite Palapa D while the ANTV is at Telkom 1 transponder.

Below are details of transponder code and code biss key for channel TV ONE and ANTV:
Polarity: Horizontal / H
Symbol Rate: 05 630
Biss Key Code: 1234 56 9C 654321 C9
Receiver type: MPEG 2

Name of Channel: ANTV
Name of Satellite: Telkom 1 at 108.0 ° E
Frequency: 04016
Polarity: H
Symbol Rate: 06000
Biss Key Code: 99 2613 33 75 95 99 31
Receiver type: MPEG2
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