VOA PERSIAN New Frequency On HotBird-13B @13 .0E

VOA PERSIAN On HotBird-13B @13 .0E

Voice of America Persian News Network

(VOA-PNN) is a governmental international broadcaster of the United States of America in Persian language. Its headquarter is in Washington D.C. It started to broadcast its programs on 18 October 1994 with a one-hour television program. Its radio programs started on 22 November 1979 with 30 minutes broadcasting per day.


Hooman Bakhtiar, Voice of America Persian Service producer, 2016.
The first manager of the VOA-PNN was Ahmadreza Baharloo. Later managers were Kambiz Mohammadi, Shila Ganji, Behrouz Abbassi, Behrouz Souresrafil, James Glassman, Hida Fouladvand and Ramin Asgard. The current manager of the VOA-PNN is Setareh Derakhshesh.

VOA Persian New Frequency on HotBird-13B @13 .0E

VOA Persian New Frequency
SatelliteHotBird-13B @13.0E
Frequency12226 V 27500
SystemMPEG4/HD/FTA Started
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