PK Sports On Apstar-7 @76.5E New Frequency

PK SPORTS HD Biss key on TurkSat 3A – 42.0°E



Apstar-7 @76.5E

TP: 3780 V 30000

MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

It retains exclusive rights for many sporting events, including cricket, tennis, hockey and football.

PK SPORTS New Frequency On Türksat 4A at 42.0°E


Satellite: TurkSat 3A – 42.0°E
TP: 12421 H 30000
SID : C41E
Biss Key : 00 11 22 33 33 44 55 CC
Biss Key : 88 E8 45 B5 43 7D EA AA
New Pakistani channel is launching in the name of PK Sports, which will show you the Brodcast All Matches cricket on New Satellite Which gives you the Ku band Satellite on a 2 foot dish But free No PowerVu Keys and No Biss Keys You will get this channel for free You will also be able to watch on your channel All receiver | Mpeg2 | Mpeg4 |Boxing Will follow This is the chain you will never see My YouTube channel will always keep you informed of this birth Ok thank you all friends
PK Sports New Frequency
Channel NamePK Sports
SatelliteTürksat 4A at 42.0°E
Frequency12422 H 30000
Tag : New Biss Key
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