GAZI TV ApStar.7@ 76.5°E on New Biss Key 2020

Latest Gazi Tv Today Biss Key On Apstar 7 2018

Gazi TV New Biss Key and Frequency 

Gazi TV runs on two different satellites. One is Bangladesh home satellite Bangabandhu 119.1e and the other one is Thailand owned satellite Apstar 7 76.5e.
We will provide your information about both Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E and Apstar 7 76.5 °E. See the tables below to find out more information about the Gazi TV Frequency.

Gazi TV Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E

Channel NameGazi TV
Satellite Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E
Frequency 4760
Symbol Rate30000
Transponder4760 H 30000
Fortunately, in this satellite (Bangabaundhu1 119.1°E) Gazi TV HD follows NO security protocol. So it is free to air (FTA) no need to add biss key to this satellite.
Gazi TV APSTAR 76.5E
Channel Name Gazi TV
SatelliteAPSTAR 76.5E
Symbol Rate4800
Transponder3805 H 4800
Though GTV is free to air (FTA) sometime it shifts to Biss key. Here is the biss key
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